Advertise Your Used Trucks and Trailers

Your logo with a click-through* to your website.

Your logo will be displayed next to all your advertisements and on the advertisers' page.

You will also be provided a personal profile page where you can list up to ten contact people by name, e-mail address, telephone number and language.

Price ListSubscription 1Monthly Fee (Euros)
Package 1Max. 10 advertisements60
Package 2Max. 25 advertisements75
Package 3Max. 50 advertisements100
Package 4Max. 75 advertisements125
Package 5Max. 100 advertisements150
Package 6Max. 125 advertisements175
Package 7Max. 150 advertisements200
Package 8Max. 200 advertisements250
Every additional 50 advertisements25

Would you like a banner* on our home page or in the advertisement listings?

Min. three-month placement.
We will even design a banner for you free of charge for banner placements longer than six months!

Subscription 2FormatMonthly Fee (Euros)
Rotating banner in right-hand column of the home page.234 x 60 pixels100
Subscription 3
Rotating banner at the top of advertisement listings.468 x 60 pixels175
Subscription 4
Rotating banner at the bottom of advertisement listings.468 x 60 pixels150

* Subject to approval by the webmaster.
Your URL may not be redirect or deep-link to another website.
Referrals or other forms of advertising are not permitted.
In which case, a link will be created to your profile page.

A minimum subscription of one year applies to Subscription 1 with a tacit renewal. Subscription cancellations must be submitted to us in writing two months prior to the renewal period.

Prices listed are monthly in Euros ex. VAT.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected]

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